The team behind Q-files
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Q-files is the creation of
​book publishers Orpheus Books
Established in 1992, Orpheus is one of the world's leading producers of children's non-fiction and reference books. Over the years Orpheus has partnered with some of the world’s largest publishers, including Oxford University Press, Penguin, Reader's Digest, HarperCollins, Langenscheidt, Random House, Barron’s, Gale, Brockhaus, Tessloff, Casterman and many others. We are based near Oxford, England.
The pages in Q-files have been written by specialist children's writers, working alongside the experienced editorial team at Orpheus. Every page has been submitted to the detailed scrutiny of our team of consultants.

Orpheus routinely works with writers, editors, academic consultants and designers who specialize in reference works for children

Top-quality illustrations and text already copyrighted by Orpheus provides the core material for Q-files

Orpheus has strong connections with foreign-language publishers all over the world

About us

Nicholas Harris

Sarah Hartley

Nicholas Harris has been in book publishing all his career, working for a several companies that specialised in information or reference books. In that time he built up an expertise in communicating facts and knowledge in both text and illustrative form to children and adults alike. Founding Orpheus in 1992, he combined this with an extensive knowledge of international publishing. He is the creator, author and designer of many of Orpheus's titles.
Sarah Hartley joined Orpheus in 2003 and became a director in 2006. She brings expertise in book manufacture and digital technologies and manages the technical side of Orpheus's operations, including printing, repro and IT resources. She also plays a crucial creative role, having close involvement in project development as well as designing many of Orpheus's book jackets, internal pages and promotional material.

Our consultants
Our consultants include: Ian Fairchild , Professor of Geosystems at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham; Dr Kristina Routh , a medical doctor and a qualified specialist in public health medicine; Chris Jarvis , Education Officer at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford; Dr Nina Notman , an experienced science writer interested mostly in chemistry and materials; Dr Richard Walker , a science writer with a special interest in human biology and biosciences; Philip Parker , a historian specializing in late antiquity and the early medieval period; Dr Sharon Ann Holgate , a science writer and broadcaster with a doctorate in experimental physics; Dr Lloyd Jenkins , lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham

All the pages on have been checked and verified by expert academics and consultants.