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Q-files is specially designed for children
Aimed at children aged between 8 and 13 years, the site contains around 1500 pages, arranged into nine major subject headings: Science, Technology, Life, Earth, Prehistory, Space, History, Geography and Culture.

Each page includes text, captions, bite-size facts (“Q-facts”), illustrations and/or photos. Many pages also contain diagrams, animations and videos. Numerous links take you directly to other pages.

You can navigate your way around the site by entering a term in the search bar, by using the drop-down menu along the top or the page menu down the side, or by clicking on an image on the home page.

The home page includes links to pages that supply answers to popular questions (“Q-&-A”) and news items of particular interest to children (“Q-news”).

To find out more about how to subscribe to Q-files, please visit our FAQs page .

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